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Supleor’ s vocation is to densify and strengthen all the support activities of the holding company and its subsidiaries. Supleor intervenes in many fields:

  • Family finances & insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing and IT
  • New technologies and services
  • Recruitment

Supleor’ s teams are a real strength, allowing them tooptimize andabsorb a considerable volume of work. All the trades essential to the smooth running of the company are represented in order to make daily life easier and to always adapt to the fluctuations of the activity. Reactivity and accuracy are the pillars of Supleor.

Supleor employs
many talents

Supleor employs a wide range of talents to meet the day-to-day management needs of companies. The fields of activity are varied and the scope of the missions is international, mainly focused on the European markets. Find out about our jobs and join us:

  • Administrative Managers
  • Teleoperators
  • Telemarketers
  • Sedentary sales representatives
  • Computer developers
  • Recruiters
  • Accountants


Located in the heart of the administrative district of Tangier, a trendy and particularly lively urban center, the offices of Supleor offer an exceptional working environment on the 7th floor of the renowned Ibn Batouta building, with breathtaking views of the sea, Spain, the historic district of the Medina, and the surrounding mountains.

The location is ideal as Supleor is 20 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes from the railway station, and just 5 minutes from the beach and marina. It is also easily accessible by car.

Mentor Group

Mentor is a family-owned company founded in 1998 and is a business accelerator. Its expertise in entrepreneurship allows companies to grow and bring to fruition numerous projects in various sectors with potential (finance, real estate, new technologies, pizza distribution, recruitment, medical, etc.).

Diverse skills, complementary activities, the men and women who participate in the Group’s activities constitute its wealth.

We believe that a happy employee is an invested employee, which is why Supleor offers several benefits to its employees.

Public holidays

French public holidays + Eid El Adha and Eid El Fitr days

Mutual Insurance

Team Building

Miscellaneous bonuses

Meal allowance

Parental leave

100% salary maintenance


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Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources function is to ensure that the company has the personnel it needs to operate and that these employees do their best to improve the company’s performance, while at the same timefulfilling themselves.

Accounting - Management

Ensuring proper management of accounts, accounting, cash flow, payments, administrative and tax documents is essential for the proper management of the company and its finances. This is why experts are necessary for the business.


An effective sales department is responsible for researching customer needs in order to meet them in the best possible way, and then proposing and selling the appropriate products and services. The service ensures the follow-up of orders but also the management of its customer portfolio, while taking care of its prospects.

Computer Science

The IT department is responsible for a variety of tasks, including development,hosting,technical suppliers, equipment and all the tools and services that staff need to work effectively. He also assists employees with their day-to-day technical issues.

25 Youssef Ibn Tachfine
Avenue Ibn Batouta Building, 7th Floor
90 000 TANGIER

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